update on the references experiment.
in the period from 8.10.2009 to 14.10.2009 I got 9 requests. the curve hasn't changed at all, and in fact, the graph seems to be more pronounced. as before, only really nice requests or really shitty ones. references are back on and I'll collect data for another week. current sample size is 25 (no references) and 14 (with references). I will refrain from conclusions regarding total requests as data is inconclusive so far.

as can be seen on the graph, the copy pasters are 52% of the total requests. if you add all shitty too (copy pasting plus some minimal effort in the message, i.e., scores <= 5), you end up with the remarkable 72% total. that number is unambiguous: most people don't give a shit where they stay, they just want a free place to stay. also, exceptional people are higher than expected, all the way up to 16% (scores >= 8), and nice people totaling 28% (scores > 5). note these percentages are for fake no references, my own developed method. sample size is too small for the with-references data and I expect these percentages to be less pronounced (meaning, less copy pasters, less exceptional people, more average requests).

on a lighter note, party on friday organized half by my fellow crazy norwegian Chris. starts at 20h I expect.

godspeed starstuff ☆★☆☆★★★☆☆☆☆☆


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