scoring system is currently just being used for informational purposes. guests are being randomly accepted again, until exhaustion sets in. maximum capacity will remain a constant at 15.

this decision was made to get more data on whether this scoring system is a good metric or not on how people get along. my new hypothesis: no significant correlation between quality of message and quality of stay. remarkable people do stand out, but they are so rare that they end up being outliers. fact is, even though similar scores mean people will get along, there was a significant bias on my part by referring to the score verbally and also high expectations on high scoring people. that mistake has been corrected and people are being treated equally no matter what they score.

also, soon, well being metrics will be introduced, to assert which metrics add up to a good guess whether we'll connect or not. I will include subjective metrics (did I like them/love them/hate them) and objective metrics (helped out, trashed shit, cooked, cleaned). this will be mostly one sided as I do not survey my guests at all (usually), except how many people hit on them.

godspeed starstuff ☆★☆☆★★★☆☆☆☆☆


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