I have been running a new survey, informally. it is about how many hosts hit on their guests. I chose a very specific group: single women traveling alone, an easy target. so far sample size is 4 women, 72 male hosts and 9 female hosts. the data is astounding, but not significant yet. so, here's the preliminary data.

hitting on their guests:
committed male hosts: 88.89%
single male hosts: 70.37%
single female hosts: 16.67%
committed female hosts: 0.00%
guests hitting on hosts: 50.00%


even if we disregard commitment 75% of male hosts will hit on their guests. it's not about "meaningful connections"! it's about home delivery of sex targets! THREE IN FOUR MEN THAT HOST YOU WILL HIT ON YOU IF YOU TRAVEL ALONE! and considering that an average male has a hit rate of about 1 in 10 women, by hitting on anything with a pussy, being a host will guarantee you will get laid. especially if you are a chauvinist. I won't say male chauvinist because some of my male guests have been hit on by their female hosts. there is something decidedly creepy about this whole thing.

I'm just as guilty of these accusations, as I have hit on some of my guests, and gotten laid consequently (my hit rate is a bit lower than average, I'd say about 1 in 20). now I have a different approach to this whole "female home delivery" thing, but I must say these numbers are a bit overwhelming and humbling.

there is a tremendous difficulty in keeping our crotches under control. we, as a species, clearly need to wear ice packs in our pants.

godspeed starstuff ☆★☆☆★★★☆☆☆☆☆

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