proudly up and running! did not lose anything I apparently needed that badly, though my dyslexia is worse! obviously you can't see me type! ha!

godspeed starstuff


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the answer to last night's question on happiness:
Happiness is found to be most closely associated with health, followed by wealth and then education.

I was wrong! weather has little to do with it!
source: University of Leicester Produces the first ever World Map of Happiness; Happiness is ...being Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
also, to enhance your happy bone (not boner) check out Positive Psychology


movie night was awesome. we played:

interviews of rape victims in Iranian prisons:
Interview 1, part 1
Interview 1, part 2
Interview 2

more on Iran:
Persepolis 2.0

and thanks to one of the wonderful new guests (Luna from Denmark), we played a video of the recent confrontations between police and Danish youth. can't provide a link for that but here's an article on what it's about.

no exodus from the yard this time! fuck yeah!

humans expected: 2

godspeed stargrub


movie night tonight. we'll be playing reports of rape in Iranian prisons and "play" the new Persepolis 2.0 (comic adapted to the new elections)

humans expected: 4

goshspeed starturf


last night I had no guests. apart from the occasional visit, I got to sleep a whole night. it was amazing

the house now has a field manual. it's blunt, offensive, callous, but has most of what I've been repeating for the past 350 guests. I'll start testing it out today with my new guests, we'll see how it goes. I might post it here soon

keys are to be multiplied (hopefully today). I've concluded sleeping in two hour bits has been ruining my productivity at work, and even though I only half-wakeup, it's still tiring

a common task when doing these graphic multi page things is how to combine all the pdfs. here's a good one-liner to combine multiple pdfs into one. I found it somewhere on the multivax (commandlinefu source).

gs -q -sPAPERSIZE=a4 -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=output.pdf page1.pdf page2.pdf

godspeed starcrumb


today's forgotten goods: boxer shorts, top, bag of hygiene stuff


movie night was ok, we played Burma VJ as expected and a part of the video art by Vysehrad, a portuguese electronic music artist

what's fucking annoying is how nobody gives a shit. I play documentaries or general thoughtful videos and movies that everyone should be exposed to. just check out Burma VJ, a powerful statement on helplessness and fragility, but also of courage and relentlessness. everybody should know about it. but what consistently happens at the house is the depressing exodus of everyone from the backyard, only to replace a cultural experience with some lighthearted full-of-shit moment of tourist obliviousness.

yesterday we were about 10 people. at the end of the documentary, we were two. but the two HAD ALREADY BEEN EXPOSED TO THIS ISSUE! therefore, the usefulness of such an event is nullified. I mean: of the 10 people, the two that actually saw the whole thing, were the two that didn't need to see the whole thing! for fuck's sake! what the fuck is wrong with you people!

on a lighter note, here's how to have Edge editions read out loud for you (buggy but works). I might do a whole app based on this. the {x} is the edition number (there are up until today 298 editions, quite remarkable). the url can change, but edge is a good choice. my old robot podcaster might be turned on again

curl http://www.edge.org/documents/archive/edge{x}.html | html2text -nobs | tr -d '_|=[]' | festival --tts

you can use any other tts tool, but festival has a nice voice. also, I don't remove the urls and should. definitely needs some more filtering than that wimpy tr.

godspeed starmuck


forgotten goods today:
purple pants
mp3 player


movie for this thursday: Burma VJ by Anders Østergaard (
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1333634/ )
it was a cool movie night. we played:
Sky Train by Ryan Moser
Janine Benyus: Biomimicry in action
Ants: The Invisible Majority with Dr. Brian Fisher

Janine Benyus's talk was a highlight, though toning down the hippie wouldn't hurt.

after, a poetry reading by myself of assorted poems by Fernando Pessoa, Eva's request, and a wonderful one I must say.

godspeed starpulp


movie night tonight. just not sure what will run.


movie night tonight. we played:
Sky Train by Ryan Moser
Timescape by Alexander Pappas
Michael Pritchard's water filter turns filthy water drinkable
Antonio Damasio: This Time With Feeling

Damasio's talk was a definite highlight, as was Sky Train.

godspeed stardust


currently hard at work at ELEKTROCUTION Festival, hence no updates, and probably for a couple more days. soon, though.

godspeed stardust

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