movie night was great. instead of Requiem for a Dream we played Spun, also about drugs, and maybe a little less of a downer.
before that i played one of my current favorite lectures (that set me off on that post about the brain) VS Ramachandran: The neurons that shaped civilization, that ended up sparking some nice discussions requiring pens and tile wall systems modeling and mathematical analysis. the author is controversial and obviously does the usual "my science explains every other" thing, but overall, i like to think that this analysis-synthesis system still provides a non-lossy channel, i.e., our empathizing is accurate to a high degree. ash's rebuke, which i now see to be absolutely correct, is that there is no proof that the final outcome has the information, i.e., i see what you do, and imagine that you feel A, even when you actually feel B, meaning that in some cases, A and B will have no connection at all. i am as of yet unable to find conclusive studies on whether this virtual reality simulation is accurate or not. i proposed an experiment where the correlation between the physical responses of A and B is measured and then we can assert whether information was transferred or not, i.e., whether our assumptions of other people's spheres of consciousness are reliable or not. currently i have no guess at all, and subjectively i'd say, looking at my house, it's too fuzzy.

also, we will be finishing the philosopher's corner soon and turn it into a thought workshop. either the corner or the lounge, not sure yet. kitchen tiles are cool but are not enough to express our ever growing logical complexity. somehow, the house right now is becoming a kind of nutty anarchist punk polyamorous science cult thing, so i might make official "think tank" days, in the tradition of the Royal Society and many other scientific groups. obviously, it will not be a "gentleman's club" because i find that concept disgusting, instead a shit hole of drunken longwindedness and occasional reason. it has always been a think tank, but now we start to get results and they need to be discussed and shared.

godspeed starstuff ☆★☆☆★★★☆☆☆☆☆


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