just a quick notice on the authorship of this blog. we now have two other editors (Tatiana and Ash) that, due to extended stay, have also become observers of the hatch. hopefully they will remove some of my observer bias. so authorship is now shown at the bottom of the post, facebookers won't be able to tell who's who, but for that just click the link to see the original post.

currently after the extensive data hoarding, we are now testing several of my hypothesis, and will start accepting guests from different profiles, i.e., residents will be hosting too and we'll manage a common calendar.

also, soon, a new version of the CS script that gives some interesting new metrics about a person. a very good one, apparently, seems to be the reference tag cloud, where a tag cloud is generated for the inbound references and outbound references, showing the main keywords on what people write about the person and what the person writes about others. the plugin has so much data that I'd say it'll have to be spread out somehow.

godspeed starstuff ☆★☆☆★★★☆☆☆☆☆


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