another session of urban exploration ended, in an amazing twist, in a jam session in the water tanks of the abandoned hospital. Adam spotted a tiny hatch on the floor, which I had never even noticed before. it's what I expect to be the old independent water supply system for the hospital. the two tanks resonate incredibly, so together with the old metal machinery, we played about 15mins of what I would call old school squat industrial, with creepy singing. some songs came out better, but I only taped video on this one, which is alright anyway. I have about 15mins of unedited .wav goodness, if anyone wants it just contact me.

anyone looking for a real acoustic industrial drumming kit should visit that bunker. who'd think a bunker like that would still be open and clean in Lisbon?

heavenly voice by Allison, she will be busking in Lisbon for a while, I'm sure the odds of crossing paths are high.

also, everybody's been getting sick on and off (I guess the excessive drinking helps), so I caught shaman doing some strange exercises to heal himself, in front of the chakana inca. cameo by lena. loop it to see what's going on.

sorry for the poor quality on the videos, they're all taken with a cellphone.

godspeed starstuff ☆★☆☆★★★☆☆☆☆☆


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