update on the "no references" experiment. the average quantity of messages has lowered a lot, and today I got my first couple of high scores. this means that there are still people that are genuinely interested in visiting. they are also scoring much higher than average. so now I'm getting about 1 copy pasted request a day, scoring about 1, but I also got two 8/10 scores. this might mean that I may have found a way of limiting contact to just very high scorers. if this is true, I might not turn off this new system.

also, my prediction is confirmed. by faking not having any references, I have successfully eliminated requests from people that are only interested in playing it safe with an experienced host (they usually score 6/10 or 7/10).

I will run this for a week and extract numbers from it. if any original data is found I will repeat the process to remove experimental errors and let people know how important references really are.

godspeed starstuff ☆★☆☆★★★☆☆☆☆☆


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