movie night was pretty good. we played:
The Man Who Drank The Universe
Phil Zimbardo on his work The Time Paradox
Kirk Cameron's Dumbass Creationist Plot Against 'Origin of Species'
the referred banana man video
Sharp Blue: Relativity, FTL and causality
Pale Blue Dot

we ended up having a wonderful night of discussion, some random videos and websites about things like time dilation, philosophy of science and future of our species. we also had one guest from the peruvian jungle that had done ayahuasca and talked a bit about the experience during dinner. by about 3 am it was like a david lynch movie, with drunken shouts and deep thoughts mixed in a very funny context.

on the topic of longevity the referred talk is Aubrey de Grey says we can avoid aging. it presents the "aging escape velocity" concept which is pretty interesting.

also, going back to about one week ago on the Mayan Calendar, what I said was false. their longest time period, the "bactuns", are 144000 year periods. I claimed that they were 1/4th of the orbit around our galactic center. I looked it up. it is, in fact, between 1/1527 and 1/1736 of the said number (our galactic orbit takes an estimated 220-250 million years). I had read this in a new age DreamSpell calendar book about the Mayan astronomy. clearly after looking it up I realized that that book was full of shit. it's three orders of magnitude wrong! it doesn't change the fact that the Mayan Calendar is a wonderful work of mathematics, but it proves once more that the DreamSpell calendar is just another original work of fiction, like the bible.

godspeed starstuff ☆★☆☆★★★☆☆☆☆☆


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