movie night was amazing, but in the end, nothing like what was expected. one of the guests, David Massey, presented his (amazing) movie The Right to Protest (it's free and downloadable). it's about anarchist protests against the wall in israhell. afterwards, we had a wonderful discussion about the movie after I selfishly pulled David out of bed. some other movies complemented the night on what was one of the most successful movie sessions to date.

in order we played:

QualiaSoup's movie on Evolution
David's The Right to Protest
Noam Chomsky vs. Michel Foucault part 1, part 2
and, to offset the pessimism, I played Steven Pinker on the myth of violence

overall, it was thoughtful, interesting, and overwhelmingly rich in food for thought. also, I think moving the projection system to the lounge helped too. a better sheet will make it even better. and keeping it sheltered saved us from the cold and the wind. I think the move might be permanent for the cold days.


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