we moved. our new star stuff mandala is here. we are now welcoming guests again. the new mandala is entirely collaborative and without authority. that is the main shift from escotilha8, along with several other changes. the website reflects that and we're logging most of our activity via personal journals. this is my first attempt at sampling the multiple realities phenomenon and the irrelevance of fact.

even though our studies for escotilha8 are shut down, we will continue focusing on social engineering and human behavior. we used a lot of the knowledge accumulated over the escotilha8 process.

also, as soon as i finish cleaning it up, i will provide all my data (spanning over 700 guests, highly detailed for about 200) for any scholar or non profit use, with the appropriate licensing. anyone wanting to find things i overlooked will be able to do so. most likely, it will be in a format ready for the semantic web.

godspeed starstuff ☆★☆☆★★★☆☆☆☆☆


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