to everyone following this blog, i am informing that we are burning down the house by the end of this month.

for the last 3 months, the setup has been sub standard due to some emergency bookings. because of that, i haven't been able to maintain the controlled setting i had been working on for the past year and a couple of months.

as a consequence of this, in 73 days we've had a total of 23 guests creeped out. before this situation, i had a total of 11 guests creeped out in 440 days of hosting. so, for the first case, it ammounts to about 2.2 guests a week, versus 0.175 guests a week (1 every 1.43 months). if i compare the two ratios, we can see that the creeped out factor increased 12.57 times. since it is over an order of magnitude, i cannot consider that the setting remains the same.

due to this fact, i am invalidating all my data from the change date onwards, as it seems the setting is clearly different and no longer under sufficient control for meaningful statistics. despite that, i still have about 650 guests before this, so my data is still statistically significant.

due to this change, and due to a fortunate collision of my trajectory with tatiana's and ash's, i have decided it was time to burn down escotilha8.

regarding escotilha8 itself, i will publish a book with a portrait of the progress of this house, its birth, growth, bloom, and death. not as a serious book, but more as just a small paper shrine to all the wonderful things that we created in this house. i will also publish some of the statistics that i collected.

i've always been a fan of ephemeral beauty, and like to see this house as a giant star stuff mandala that we grew for the past year and a half. i will create other mandalas, albeit differently, but the pleasure of living such a process remains.

to everyone that made this star stuff mandala with me, a deep thank you. each bit of star stuff you left behind helped shape a wonderful local inversion of entropy that has made me a better human being in every way possible. i sincerely hope that this isn't just true for me.

as for this blog, it will remain and probably will continue being updated for a while. but escotilha8 is over, and we are now burying it and destroying it.

as for the new mandalas, i will post their coordinates on this page.

again, to everyone that stayed, a deep thank you and godspeed starstuff ☆★☆☆★★★☆☆☆☆☆


  1. Anonymous1/3/10 16:43


  2. I love the smell of gasoline in the morning.
    This, whilst deeply shocking on some kind of emotional level, was absolutely not unexpected. I think/hope it's for positive personal reasons. Which is amazing. Keep digging.
    I'll be there, haha, foresight whilst note writing!

  3. rock on maaan!! ;]
    thanks and good luck!


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